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A new music composer and practicing pharmacist who applies analytical principles of biomechanics and motion theory to his composition strategy .





Dimitri Voudouris



1961 B orn in Athens Greece
1966 P arents immigrated to South Africa
1967 - 1970 A ttended Yeoville Boys Primary School in Johannesburg
1971 - 1974 A ttended Selbourne Primary School in Vereeniging
1974 - 1976 L essons in Piano and Violin
1974 -  today L istening to seriously to 20th century, Avant Garde , New Jazz, Traditional,Sacred,ethnic
Environmental , Electro-acoustic Music from all over the world and has 5000 rare recordings on cd and vinyl.
1975 - 1979 A ttended general Smuts High School in Vereeniging.
1986 O btained a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree at the University of the Witwatersrand and has been  practicing as a 
pharmacist  since.
1987 - 1989 S tudied Socio-Cultural Anthropology , Science of Religion
Philosophy at the University of South Africa [UNISA]
1991 - 1994 O btained a Diploma in Wine from the Cape Wine Academy
1994 - 1997 S elf study in contemporary music composition in both acoustic instrumentation and electronic
sound media. He has developed his composing techniques in the field of behavioral psychology,
environmental acoustics, mathematics and bio-physics.
1995 E ntered the field of Clinical Pharmacy
1998 U noxhaka for solo piano
2000 - 2001 I mpilo
2002 S izobonana, Palmos,NPFAI.1
2003 W ork on Praxis completed. In the same year was assistant curator of the Electronic Music Gallery
at the Grahamstown festival that commemorated the 75th Birthday of Karlheinz Stockhausen.
2004 L exicophony.1 premier and lecture at Digital Arts Wits University
M aster class on NPFAI.3+WM an electro-acoustic composition coordinated by South African marimbist
  M ax De Vries at the New Music Indaba Grayhamstown . On 3 July in the Imagining Africa Project excerpts
from Sizobonana and Impilo interspersed the music of Kevin Volans , Stanley Glasser, Stefan Grove , Michael Blake
Bongani Ndondana,Martin Scherzinger,Peter Klatzow and Percival Kirby.
E lected as board member of NMSA and director of electronic music
2005 P raxis was chosen NMSA to represent South Africa at the ISCM 2005 Coatia
P ioneered,directed and curated UNYAZI  the first electronic music festival and symposium in Africa
that took place at Wits University 1-4 September.
C ompleted Multimedia Theatre composition L22P08M02 which was premiered 3 September at UNYAZI
L 22P08M02 Scenes 1+3 were selected to be performed at ICMC 2005 in Barcelona Spain
2006 N PFAI.1 was selected for the digital Jukebox at ICMC 2006 Tulane University New Orleans.
A ppointed lecturer in electronic music composition at the University of the Witwatersrand and assisted music
students with the site specific project Interpreting Johannesburg a multi media installation that involved
digital arts,physical theatre,music and architecture students in the building 9 Wolmarans str.
S hort compositions for urban geographer Ismail Farouk's short film JHB626GP that was chosen to
the city of Johannesburg at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2006
  Gesticular [2,4,8,10,11] five electroacoustic realizations for the contemporary dance Taxidermie
  [P rojet-Insitu] Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon [France] choreograhers that involved 3 Mozambican dancers -
Panaibra Gabriel [assistant choreographer and dancer], Janete Mulapha,Domingos Bie, Cyril Givor-lighting technician
[Fr ance] and Berry Bickle - Plastician [Zimbabwe] world premier at Teatro Scala - Maputo 19-20 October and
  23-24 October Wits Theatre Johannesburg
P ogal productions [USA] releases CD with NPFAI.1,Palmos,NPFAI.3,Praxis in December
2007 R esigned as board member and director of electronic music from NMSA
F ebruary and  M arch Taxidermie performances in Marseilles and Lyon France
A pril Gesticular [Cena 1-11] for contemporary dance theatre completed
M ay, NPFAI.3+WM live performance in Duseldorf Germany
J une Lexicophony.1 to be performed at ACMC07
F or Dimitri Voudouris created/performed by Andy Spicer at Exhibition galleries Brighton Museum
L 22P08M02 Scene1 selected by 34e Concours Internationaux de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques Bourges 2007
J une completion of work ISILOKAZANE for piano
J uly completion of composition on 1Θφ4
S eptember and D ecember completion of  composition and animation for work ANAMNHΣΙΣ ΜΕΡΟΣ:Α-Γ
N ovember Gesticular Cena 6 was used by Berry Bickle in a work of hers at CCFM Maputo Mozambique
2008 F ebruary radio Papesse, webradio and audio archive of the
P alazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Centre in Siena plays NPFAI.1
M arch completion of write-up for Lexicophony.1 in PDF
M ay completion of write-up for ΑΝΑΜΝΗΣΙΣ in PDF's and work,completion on work for ΑΛΘ=Φ and UVIVI
M ay GESTICULAR [Cena 8]   selected by ICMC 2008 @ Sonic Arts Research Center , Queens University, Northern Ireland
M ay completion of composition on UVIVI
J une completion of write-up of GESTICULAR, AΛΘ=Φ, UVIVI in PDF
O ctober GESTICULAR [Cena 8] selected by CCRMA concert series Stanford University USA
N ovember interview for Swedish Radio by Tebogo Monnakgotla
2009 J anuary Completion of opera and write-up in PDF for VOZ DA REVOLUÇÃO
A pril completion of write-up for ONTA in PDF
A ugust Praxis selected by ICMC 2009 @ MCGILL University School of Music
A ugust "for Dimitri Voudouris" live performance by Andi Spicer @ Progress festival Austria
S eptember world premier performance of VOZ DA REVOLUÇÃO live
O ctober completion of composition and write-up in PDF for MUSUNUNGURI -1/chikamu-.1
N ovember world premier performance of ONTA @ HELMCA Liskouri/Kefalonia
N ovember completion of write-up for 1Θφ4
2010 F ebruary completion of [O]-Rd:2 for piano and DAT, PDF for Musununguri
A ugust Completion of [W] - Rd:1e
S eptember performances of [O]-Rd:2 in Johannesburg,Stellenbosch,
 eMusic Indaba 2010 in Durban : review of NPFAI.1,Palmos,NPFAI,3,Praxis by Josh Rosen
N ovember Pogal Productions [USA] releases CD of ΑΛΘ=Φ, UVIVI ,1:Θφ4, ΟΝΤΑ
D ecember completion of ΞΩΡΑΑΚ - [1:150 μεγ] Παρ.1,2
2011 F ebruary world publishing of book Greek electronic musicians by Books LLC
A pril commision by DOMUS for Kodering - [ Kode 1 - Kode 21 ] for Mareli Stolp and Aryan Kaganof,
Completion of ΞΩΡΑΑΚ Παρ 3 + 4,
M ay  Completion of  PDF for ΞΩΡΑΑΚ Παρ 3 + 4,
J une Completion of  ΞΩΡΑΑΚ Παρ 5 [version 1] for Harpsichord
S eptember Completion of work and PDF for Kodering - [ Kode 22 - Kode 32 ], Review in the Computer
Music Journal  Vol 35 Number 3 of eMusic Indaba 2010
D ecember Greek Premier of Gesticular Cena 1 + 2 performed at Rethimno / Crete
2012 J anuary completion of KODERING [Kode 32-Kode 48], ΞΩΡΑΑΚ Παρ.5 & Παρ.6 writing & score.
M arch world publishing of South African Composers by Hephaestus Books
M ay completion of KODERING [Kode49-Kode61] writing & score.
J une completion of CI - [ N1 ]-H:1e [Section 1-9] writing & composition,
S eptember live performance & South African premier @ UNYAZI III of ΞΩΡΑΑΚ Παρ.5 [version 1e]
N ovember 12 - article writen in Jazz and Tzaz [Greek magazine on New Music] Nov: Issue, by Thomas Tamvakos,
16 -18 world premier of ΑΛΘ=Φ @ Projektgruppe Neue Musik, Bremen, Germany, writeup by Cameron Harris on UNYAZI III.
2013 J anuary completion of SBI-[N1]:H, [Sections 1-21] composition,writing &score,
A pril 4th - [O]-Rd:2 performance at Theatre am Gleis,Switzerland, Piano - Petra Ronner & electronics - Gary Burger
M ay 25th - Gesticular [Cena 8] at Sasol museum Stellenbosch.  [O]-Rd:2 broadcast on SRF radio,Switzerland, Cd compilation
of Gesticular [Cena 8] through Peer music records, South Africa.
J une completion of mftrha compotition and writing
A ugust "Classical modern music" review ΑΛΘ=Φ, UVIVI ,1:Θφ4, ΟΝΤΑ
S eptember 6th 14h10 Suden Radio - exhibition curated by Villa Romana @ the Deutsche Kunsthalle, Berlin


J anuary completion of Ω375,3 [sections 1-6] composition, writing


F ebruary contribution of electronic environments from Gesticular 8, for Miles Warrington's doctorate studies [ creation of an ensemble work at University of the Cape ]
A pril performance of Lexicophony .1 at ICMC/SCMC - 2014 Athens, Greece
M ay completion of A[EV]:3070/7f  composition, writing
A ugust completion of Sιήκ [ regions: 1-25 ] composition, writing
S eptember 9th - 13th  A:[ENV]3070/7f at UNYAZI IV


J anuary Sound American interview with Al Margolis director of Pogus Productions selection works ΑΛΘ=Φ
F ebruary completion of composition for cong[s/m]-l2 as well as writing and thescore
M arch 5th,8th Miskolc and 22nd,24th Györ, Hungary, theatrical performance of Sιήκ [ regions: 1-25 ]
A pril completion of NPFAI.4 composition, writing
M ay completion of NPFAI.5 composition, writing
D ecember 18th - 20th live performance at Electroacoustic music days, Corfu, Greece 


F ebruary completion of η (154m) composition, writing, score
J uly performance of Lexicophony .1 ( 6.1 channel  / speaker diffusion ) at UNYAZI 2016 Cape Town, South Africa
N ovember performance of NFPAI.3 ( 2.1 channel / speaker diffusion ) at Meridian International Festival 12th Edition, Bucharest 
D ecember explication of Lexicophony.1 ...assistant composer..... in <Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa 2016> 


F ebruary NPFAI.3+WM  score revised
M ay  / S eptember - World and Turkish premier cong(s/m)l:2 performed by Enrique del Poco in Chile + Bigli University 
A pril cong(m)l:a (19z...,24y...,13,3i...) completion of composition, writing, score
A pril Praxis radio performance for Suden Radio Italy
M ay article in book by Salu Publishing 
A ugust NPFAI.3 review in Actualitatea Muzicala Magazine 12th edition December 2016 Romania
O ctober L22P08M02 video performance electronic music by South African composers, Northeastern University, Boston 
N ovember  NPFAI.4 World Premier 13th  Edition of Meridian International Festival Romania


J anuary review of performance NPFAI.4 at  Meridian International Festival 13th  Edition  Romania
F ebruary completion of cong (m)-l:a(05g..,31v..,08p..) score and writing
A pril Bowed electrons an electro-acoustic conference and music at UCT in June 2018
J uly completion of NPFAI.3.1 and writing
S eptember completion of NPFAI.6 and writing
O ctober Romanian premier of NPFAI.1 at Meridian International Festival 14th  Edition  
N ovember Greek premier of NPFAI.1 at 16th Electro-acoustic Music Days Corfu, Greece


F ebruary performance of NPFAI.4 on Sudan radio Longueur d'Ondes Festival in Brest
A pril completion of composition and writing of ONIROPHOREAS
J une review of performance of NFPAI.1 at the 14th Edition Meridian International Festival Romania
A ugust live Project Studio Sessions on the  work SY-mplexi
S eptember completion of SLEEP IN A NEST OF FLAMES (Sapsford/Wood/Voudouris) 
         2020 J anuary invitation to present NPFAI.4 at Primavera En La Habana, XIVth International Festival of Electroacoutic
& Electronic music in Memorium <<Juan Blanco>>
F ebruary invitation  to present an excerpt of  ΞΩΡΑΑΚ  (Παρ.1) @ Museo nacional Cento de Reina Sofia, Madrid,  
Spain, curated by Fransisco
A pril completion of article NPFAI.5 in construction.
M ay selection of NPFAI.4 to be presented at ICMC 2020 however due to cancelation the event (due to pandemic), the 
event was prescheduled for July 2021
O ctober completion of SY-mplexi and writing
D ecember SY-mplexi streamed performance and paper presentation at Bowed Electrons Festival/Symposium,
         2021 J anuary  completion  of Panta Rhei with score
M arch  Panta Rhei 60th birthday performance celebration at NMSA @  Huddlestone Gallery 
A pril  ICMC 2021 selection of NPFAI.4
J une Panta Rhei writings completed
A ugust  ISCM collaborative series of Panta Rhei, completion of cong(m)-l:a (12p,7d,13k) together with score, writings
O ctober completion of article "the Reconstruction of Sιηκ 2015"
D ecember  Bowed Electrons 2021 paper presentation African series of works (NPFAI1-6) Gesticular/Taxidermie and
                      Onirophoreas, performance of Onirophoreas 


J anuary NFPAI.2  writings completed
M ay Otémórfik writings and completion of work
S eptember Bowed Electrons 2022 Festival  &  Symposium 04/09/2022 featured paper sessions  
and performance (excerpts) of η154m
N ovember article "the reconstruction of Sιήκ 2015"  to appear on www.herri.org.za/8
D ecember completion composition and writings for  μ - Πυ (64 - 85 / YGN)


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